How Can PET Kegs Help Grow Your Revenues?

PET kegs improve the profitability of your manufacture due to lower prices, reduced delivery and transportation expenses, and their single-use application. They also create the opportunity to increase your exports and marketing developments.

What Is the Likelihood of PET Keg Explosion?

Provided you strictly follow the Instructions on using PET kegs in filling, transporting and operating them, the PET keg is absolutely safe. Follow the main rules:
PET keg position must be strictly upright.
Avoid contacts with any sharp objects.
Poring with the CO2 pressure exceeding 3 bars is prohibited.
Getting any wash liquids onto the PET keg surfaces is strongly forbidden.
Always handle with care, according to the Instructions.

What Is the Product Life Duration in a PET Keg?

The product life depends on its sterility, filling processes, and container sterility. The ability of a container to protect it against UV rays and to prevent from oxygen penetration into it and CO2 egress from it are very important, too.

PET kegs are delivered as absolutely sterile and can ensure the product life duration equal or even exceeding that provided by any metal containers, while the materials they are made of protect against UV radiation.
The recommended storage in a PET keg is 9 months when closed and 6-9 weeks upon opening it.

Do PET Kegs Need Any Additional Sanitary Treatment?

The PET kegs blown are absolutely sterile and hermetically filled with hygienic air. Therefore, they do not need any additional sanitary treatment or washing with chemicals using any specialized equipment.

Will I Be Able to Fill In PET Kegs Using My Existing Filling Line?

Yes, you will, since our PET kegs are compatible with all the standard semi-automated and automated lines for steel kegs. It does not need any specialized filling lines.

Can a PET Keg Change or Spoil the Beverage Taste?

No, due to its 100% barrier property, the product taste remains unchanged even upon 12 months of storage. The research proved that the findings about PET kegs are the same as those obtained for storing products in stainless-steel barrels.

Are PET Kegs Recyclable?

Yes, the materials used in manufacturing PET kegs and its furniture can be completely recycled; and, if this is done correctly, they do not provide any adverse effects on environment.

Plastic Bottle Life:

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