A 30/20-Liter PET Keg

It combines high quality with low costs and unique properties with proven technology

PET keg is an advanced and economically efficient alternative for costly metal kegs. Reliable and lighter PET keg provides practically unlimited opportunities to those selling beverages, such as beer, kvass, lemonade, cider, or wine. The maximum bearable pressure secures the keg against rupturing in the process of filling it with a beverage under pressure.
Polyethylene terephthalate, of which the PET keg is made, is absolutely safe when contacting any beverages and completely recyclable.
There are many applications of PET kegs: Plants and shops manufacturing beer, sparkling soft drinks, and kvass; craft breweries, etc. without worsening any product qualities, PET kegs can completely replace metal kegs in manufacturing.

Increased Strength

The improved composition of the high-viscosity raw materials ensures the increased tensile strength of the PET keg at a pressure exceeding 7 bars.

UV Protection

The colorant used in manufacturing the PET kegs ensure the enhanced UV protection.

О2/СО2 Barrier

Using a barrier additive prevents oxygen from penetrating into your product and carbon dioxide from egressing from it, and keeps your beverage fresh.

Improved Reliability

The improved bottom part design expands the bottom-support surface contact area. 10 contact points distribute the load evenly, while the additional stiffeners protect the bottom part against deformation and destruction at the excessive pressure in the keg.

Reliable Pressurization

The threated neck and fitting design ensures reliable pressurization.

Patented Fitting Device with a Safety Valve

Automatically releasing pressure above 6 bar prevents the PRT-keg from explosion
The non-return pressing out the seal excludes the further use of the product spoiled.

Fitting cannot be unscrewed stealthily
The fitting can only be unscrewed by applying a force exeeding 35 Nm. This cannot be done using hands. When unscrewing, all damages of the fitting and neck are clearly visible.

Automatic pressure release upon turing off the filling head
The keg is not under pressure and poses no hazard, in case of mishandling it.

A keg cannot be reused
Upon having used it at a point of sales, the valve unit of the single-use fitting becomes leaky and the keg becomes unsuitable for reusing (you can refill the keg with your beverage, but there will not be any CO2 pressure in it).


The principle of work and advices for to adjusting the filling line for one-way fitting


Working pressure up to 3 bars (pouring-in pressure)

Maximum pressure from 7 bars (bursting pressure)

Weight (without fittings) – 375/400/425 g

Maximum vertical load – 95-100 kg (with the product in storage)


Pressure relief device from 5/5.5/6 bars

Cap type — A/G

Method of closing — screwing

Weight of the cap with tube — 95.4 g

Internal diameter of the tube — 14.5 mm

Reducing Harmful Environmental Impacts


No cleaning — no hazardous wastes that occur during washingт

Water and electrical energy saving

PET kegs and fittings are fully recyclable