High Quality at Lower Cost

PET kegs reduce the initial investments, expand the markets, and ensure the taste preservation.

Advantages of Transiting from Metal Kegs to PET Kegs

Reduction of Capital Expenditure and Operating Costs

  •   Smaller storage areas needed. PET kegs are manufactured as necessary.
  •  Reduction of purchasing expenses due to the low price of PET kegs. Purchasing or renting metal kegs is much more expensive.
  • Reduction of loading and warehousing operations. More intelligent use of production areas.
  • PET kegs do not require any control regarding their accounting, collecting, or tracking.
  • No need for any returnable empties cleaning equipment.
  • No expenses for cleaning means.
  • No need for repairing or replacing the damaged empties.
  • Considerable reduction in water consumption.
  • Power saving. As compared to metal kegs, PET kegs have lower thermal conductivity. This allows retaining lower temperature for a longer time.

Reduction of Logistics Costs

  •  No expenses relating to returning the kegs used.
  • One shipping unit holds 1.25 more liters of products. One trailer truck holds 100-140 PET kegs more, as compared to metal ones (in average, 624 filled or 1,440 empty PET kegs).

Reduction of Adverse Environmental Impacts

  •  No cleaning – no harmful wastes produced during washing.
  • Saving water and electrical power.
  • PET kegs and fittings are completely recyclable.

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Transition to Europlast PET Kegs

Transiting from metal kegs to PET kegs without replacing or reconstructing your filling line

Your company can transit to pouring into PET kegs without replacing your existing equipment. Europlast professionals will provide you with support for adjusting your existing metal-keg filling equipment to work with PET kegs using an adapter.

The adapter represents a hollow cylindric structure, in the upper part of which an assembly to clamp a PET keg. The adapter is user friendly and allows you to use PET kegs on the existing filling line without losing the performance.

Launching New PET Keg Manufacturing and Filling Lines

We recommend our partners manufacturing the complete line. We also offer technical support for launching and adjusting the equipment for blowing PET kegs, as well as for filling, closing, and packaging them. We also guarantee the uninterrupted supplies of sets for blowing PET kegs.

Re-Adjusting the Existing Equipment to Be Used with the Europlast Set

Transiting to the Europlast blowing and closing set may be performed on any existing equipment Europlast professionals wil re-adjust your line and train your personnel.

PET-keg production line at the Kazan “EUROPLAST” plant