A light, single-use PET keg. It ensures the long-term preservation of the beverage, protecting its composition and taste. A patented fitting device equipped with a safety valve provides the high security level in operation. They are delivered as ready-made products 30 l, 20 l in volume or as the sets of preforms for subsequent blow molding on your own manufacture. The PET kegs and their caps are completely recyclable.

Increased Strength

The improved composition of the high-viscosity raw materials used ensures the increased tensile strength of the PET keg, in case of excessive pressure.

UV Protection

The colorant used in manufacturing PET kegs ensures an increased protection against ultraviolet radiation.

O2/CO2 Barrier

Using a barrier agent prevents from oxygen penetration into the product and from carbon dioxide egress from your beverage and ensures keeping your product fresh.

Unique Design

The patented PET keg design with the protection against pressure differences and ruptures, providing it the increased stability and strength.

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Innovative Fitting Device

Automatically releasing pressure above 6 bar prevents the PRT-keg from explosion
The non-return pressing out the seal excludes the further use of the product spoiled.

Fitting cannot be unscrewed stealthily
The fitting can only be unscrewed by applying a force exeeding 35 Nm. This cannot be done using hands. When unscrewing, all damages of the fitting and neck are clearly visible.

Automatic pressure release upon turing off the filling head
The keg is not under pressure and poses no hazard, in case of mishandling it.

A keg cannot be reused
Upon having used it at a point of sales, the valve unit of the single-use fitting becomes leaky and the keg becomes unsuitable for reusing (you can refill the keg with your beverage, but there will not be any CO2 pressure in it).


The principle of work and advices for to adjusting the filling line for one-way fitting


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